Choose This Hardware, The Bathroom is Neat And Tidy

Choose This Hardware, The Bathroom is Neat And Tidy

Choose This Hardware, The Bathroom is Neat And Tidy

Many people complain that their bathroom is too small and there is no place to put things. We often find that commonly used toiletries are stacked on the washbasin. Over time, the washbasin becomes very cluttered. In fact, the key problem is that the layout is not done properly. Well, make full use of every corner of the washbasin, and reasonably set up storage "artifacts", these things will be the terminator of the messy washbasin.

Removable storage rack can not be less

Removable storage rack image1

The floor next to the washbasin in most bathrooms is empty. It is said that the space will not be too cramped, but in fact, a lot of space is wasted. A movable multi-layer shelf is set next to the washbasin to store commonly used toiletries. Among them, this can not only make full use of the bathroom space, but also make these things look neat and orderly.

Mini four-layer rack, freely adjustable, fast installation, threaded connection design, thick mesh, textured paint, durable, bright and wear-resistant.

Target location: the wall on the washstand

Removable storage rack image2

If there is no available space next to the washstand, you can consider using the wall above the washstand to install a mirror cabinet. On the one hand, it can meet the needs of item storage, and it can also be used as a mirror. At times, you can choose the combination of the open door and the open type. The open part is convenient for placing commonly used toothbrushes, combs and other items, and the open part can store razors, tissues, etc. that need waterproofing, so that the space has more possibilities. .

Large-capacity bathroom mirror cabinet, 3000K gold color temperature LED beauty lamp, 120mm cabinet depth, a variety of built-in storage accessories, improve storage capacity, more convenient to use, electric heating and anti-fog, no impact in humid environments.

Towel rack is the best choice

Towel rack

If one side of your washbasin is close to the wall, then the wall here is a good place to use it. Install a towel rack on the wall near the washbasin, which is convenient for daily use and at the same time very convenient Make good use of vertical space, and after washing your hands and face, you don't need to travel all the way to find towels.

Last, when you decorating your home,you can match the door hinges with the door handles,lock and cabinet hinges to match the furniture main color.Your personalized decoration can make your family spend a good time at home.

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