How to Choose Wooden Door?

How to Choose Wooden Door?

Home decoration generally uses wooden doors, so how do we choose?

(1): Look at the door core of the wooden door
The most common wooden doors on the market today are generally divided into three types. This is what we often hear about solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and molded doors.
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1. To simply understand the three different wooden doors
Solid wood door, the interior is composed of logs, and the door frame and door cover are made of solid wood.
The solid wood composite door uses solid wood as the frame, fills the middle with solid wood long strips or short strips or slats, and then pastes veneer or paper skin on both sides, and finally makes the frame and door frame from solid wood.
Molded boards, MDF inside, are secondary processed.

2. According to your own situation, choose the wooden door to be made
Personally, it is recommended to use solid wood composite doors. Solid wood doors are more expensive and have more budget options. If we choose a solid wood composite door, what we focus on is the core material of its inner core, because the core material of the solid wood composite door is the biggest difference. Personally suggest that you choose to use solid wood as the filling.

(2): Surface technology
Let's also take a look at what craftsmanship is used on the surface of the wooden door, such as baking paint, paint-free
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1. Paint-free door
Paint-free doors are one of the more common wooden doors on the market. The common practice is to use PVC film, specifically, a layer of PVC plastic film is passed through high temperature and high pressure, and then pressed on the surface of the board, and finally a layer of paint film is formed.

Paint-free doors are the most cost-effective doors on the market, and there are many styles and textures of paint-free doors. Like the solid wood composite doors purchased by most families, they are basically paint-free doors.

2. Painted door

Painted doors are relatively high-grade wooden doors, and the paint-baking process is relatively complicated, so the production cycle will be longer. Of course, the effect is also very good.

3. Open paint and closed paint

These two may be door paint treatment methods that many friends have not heard of.

In fact, open paint refers to not blocking the pipe holes of the wood and retaining the structure of the wood surface, which can achieve the touch of the wood, but the wood is not sealed, so it is easy to get dirty and difficult to maintain.

As for the sealing paint, the wood is completely sealed, so that its paint film is relatively thick, the surface is very smooth, and easy to care for, but it also loses the characteristics of wood. What we need to pay attention to is that the price of closed paint is lower than that of open paint, and the cost performance is indeed higher.

(3): Look at the accessories of the wooden door
The accessories of wooden doors are also extremely important, including door covers, locks, hinges, door suctions and sealing strips, which are particularly important for life experience. In this regard, it is recommended to choose brand accessories.
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1. The door cover should be matched with the wooden door

A door pocket is an extension of the door frame. Like the door cover installed at the entrance of our house, there is no need to install a wooden door, it is installed independently, so a good door cover can play a very good decorative role. And a good door cover also has a good protective effect on the quality of our wooden doors.

Therefore, when choosing a door cover, the personal opinion given is to match the wooden door we choose. For example, we purchased a solid wood door, then the wooden door cover recommends that you choose solid wood. If it is a solid wood composite, it is also recommended that you choose a solid wood composite door cover.

2. Locks and hinges should also be selected correctly

For locks like wooden doors, the first choice is actually the most commonly used mechanical lock. But now there is a mute lock, and another is a magnetic lock, you can think about it. For example, we should consider installing silent locks in our bedrooms, which is indeed very good. For locks, we must pay attention to the feel, and the quality is good if the feel is good.

For hinges, it is actually a very critical accessory for the quality assurance of wooden doors. Therefore, the hinge must not be greedy for cheap. The choice suggestion given by individuals is to buy imported hinges, and try to buy imported ones. For example, if the thickness of high-quality stainless steel lotus leaf can reach 3mm, then its quality is basically very good.

3. Door suction and sealing strip
Door suction and sealing strip are indispensable. The door suction is used to fix the wooden door. If it is not installed, the wooden door will be easily damaged. The sealing strip plays an important role in heat insulation and sound insulation. It must be done! We mainly try its flexibility. If the sealing strip is very flexible, it means that its quality has passed the test.


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