Why Should You Buy Soft Close Cabinet Hinges?

Why Should You Buy Soft Close Cabinet Hinges?

Why Should You Buy Soft Close Cabinet Hinges?

Soft close hinges come in many formats. Usually, this hinge in toilets uses a combination of a spring and a friction washer so that as you lower the seat, the friction washer slows down the descent. In contrast, at the very end, the spring compresses slightly to provide a gentle impact on the toilet bowl.
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Another popular hinge is for cabinet doors. This hinge has a slight angle in the assembly to encourage the door to close, with a small soft plastic pad in the column at the point just before the door’s “bumpers” make contact with the frame. There are many other formats; manufacturers change them up for marketing advantage.

A Little Advancement That Needs Your Attention 

Additionally, The market is starting to see “assistive” hinges, which operate with miniature pneumatic cylinders and springs to help with both the opening and closing of the heavier doors used in commercial buildings. These are doors that would not usually be equipped with a hydraulic closer. 

The principle is that the spring is set so that once you start to open the door, it will assist you in moving the door open to a set point. When closing, the gear raises up, making the spring assist you with the closing. The small cylinder helps to prevent the door from slamming against the wall or against the jamb.

Here’s Exactly Why You Should Buy Soft Close Cabinet Hinges 

Gentle and Silent on Opening and Closing: 

These door hinges are quiet in action. In fact, these are much softer than regular hinges. The piston gets integrated into the hinge body upon closing the cabinet door. So it allows silent closure without that violent noise. This feature is really supportive throughout the day, but majorly it helps phenomenally when you need to draw a glass from the cabinet in the middle of the night. It’s time to get rid of banging noise by revamping the outlook of all the cabinets in your house. 

Offers Safety to the Users: 

These hinge types offer better safety to users. They never close immediately. They take some time to close. Families with toddlers and young children prefer to have soft-close hinges in the cabinets. This gives them freedom and better security while the kids have all the freedom to roam around.  It is very helpful in eliminating the risk of finger injury for adults and children altogether. Additionally, these also provide safety to fragile items that lie within the cabinets. 

Improves Your Cabinet’s Life:

Soft close door hinges reduce the wear and tear on your cabinets, thereby improving their life. Extended cabinet lifespan is only possible when they aren’t slammed and jammed on every closure. Traditional hinges are very much prone to damage like cracks, fractures, breaks and dents. These hinges reduce the frictional forces between the two surfaces, thereby contributing to improving the cabinet’s life. 

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Kitchen Space: 

So, if you’re planning to improve the resale value of your house, this instant upgrade won’t be too tight for your budget. The aesthetic appeal of soft close door hinges is gaining popularity. These are just instant methods of giving your kitchen space a facelift. Elevating the overall look of your kitchen no more brings the hassle. These modern, practical and attractive hinges come in different styles to fit your needs. 

How Can You Make Your Regular Hinges Soft Close Hinges? 

Changing your regular door hinges to soft-close hinges with different mechanisms is difficult. The reason is that these hinges are typically not surface mounted, which might not be possible to do without professional help. 

These mechanisms are typically routed out of the door panel using a dado technique. Without professional skills using this technique and the tools to do it, it would probably devolve into a mess.


If you want to stay updated with the current trends in home improvement, soft close door hinges will help you with the revamp the most. TDC Hinges is all here to help you with all your hinges needs. We have a really fast service and won't disappoint you. 

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