Why Should You Buy Door Hinges From TDC Hinges?

Why Should You Buy Door Hinges From TDC Hinges?

Why Should You Buy Door Hinges From TDC Hinges?

How many times in a night do you feel hungry but can't go to the kitchen because the doors produce an irritating sound? Your old and broken door does not allow you to move around your house with freedom. If you are facing such issues, then it is time to say goodbye to all these sufferings. TDC Hinges has discovered the best, most long-lasting, and most reliable solution for you. We are offering the widest range of hinges for you.

4" x 4" Ball-Bearing 5/8 Radius Satin Brass Full Mortise Exterior Door Hinges

Hinges that you have been looking for are here! 

These hinges are made to help you in eliminating the irritating sound that doors create when they are pushed. Our wide range of professionally made interior door hinges is the best solution for soundproof doors. Black door hinges are designed to make your black door look more beautiful. you do not have to sacrifice your favorite black doors with white or silver hinges because TDC has exactly what you need. For all of your large sized exterior doors that are hard to move and heavy in weight, we have exterior door hinges. These hinges are extra sturdy and highly useful for the long-lasting life of your exterior doors. 

Different type of hinges by TDC

After many years of constant hard work and a restless journey, TDC Hinges is offering the best door hinges in 2022. These hinges are designed to accommodate both, commercial and residential properties. Matte Black Door Hinges are an essential part of your property and regulate the lifestyle without making noise. The main function of these hinges is to connect doors with the frame. While the secondary function is to smoothly close the door without making unnecessary noise.

4" x 4" Ball-Bearing 5/8 Radius Satin Nickel Full Mortise Exterior Door Hinges

Along with allowing doors to work properly, these hinges also protect your property from burglars. When talking about the premium quality hinges by TDC Hinges, we are offered the following hinges. 

Screen Door hinges we all need

For example, When talking about the Screen Door Spring Hinges, we are excited to inform you about the extra protection it provides. After that, we have interior door hinges. These are smaller in size and are usually used for room doors, bathroom doors, cabinet doors, or kitchen doors. Spring Door hinges are sturdy and long-lasting. They are highly useful for multiple means. These hinges are highly recommended and suitable for Wooden Doors, laundry room doors, storage room doors, workshops, doors in malls, and at any commercial or residential property.

4" x 4" Ball-Bearing 5/8 Radius Satin Nickel Full Mortise Exterior Door Hinges

Black Door Hinges for more elegance

We understand how much you are considering the color theme of your property. A slight miss match can not only ruin your property but also make your huge investment go into the vein. Black interior door hinges by TDC are designed using the latest technology and enable you to select same-color hinges for your black door. These hinges not only provides more protection for the door but also keep up with the design of your graceful doors. These hinges merge well with your black doors and don’t make them look odd. Black hinges for doors are rigid and durable in nature. You can put your trust in TDC Hinges' everlasting black hinges for interior doors and keep the doors of your property alluring and beautiful. These black hinges also play a big role in keeping them safe from unwanted noises.


Automatic Door Closer Hinges for your modern lifestyle

TDC Hinges understand the need for automating. For this very reason, we are introducing our latest range of automatic door closer hinges. These hinges are designed using the latest technology and modern trends. These trendy hinges allow you to open the door with complete freedom and without worrying about closing them. These hinges are designed to close the door slowly after they are left open. This way, the doors always remain closed and stay protected from slamming and making irritating noise. These 3.5-inch door hinges are the perfect solution for your wooden interior and exterior doors.

 3.5" x 3.5 Inch 5/8" Radius Spring Loaded Hinges Matte Black Self Closing Door Hinges

Find the perfect size with TDC Hinges

We have the perfect 3.5-inch black door hinges for you to give a proper black touch to your property. Silver door hinges are also available for your disposal. If the doors of your property are white or brown, then nothing works well than silver door hinges. No matter what size the door is, our latest 3 1/2 black door hinges are always preferable. These top-selling hinges have been making a name in the interior market for their premium quality and long-lasting nature. 3 1/2 chrome door hinges by TDC Hinges are one of a kind. Their toughness and usability are undeniably stronger than any other hinges in the market.

 3.5" x 3.5 Inch 5/8" Radius Spring Loaded Hinges Matte Black Self Closing Door Hinges


TDC Hinges has been making a name in the production of premium quality hinges in the USA for years now. Their different variants and different features make them unique and enchanting. We understand the hinges related requirements of commercial and residential properties.to accommodate you in building properties with long-lasting doors life, we take the charge of providing the best quality hinges at the best prices.

Our hinges collection can be seen through our official website only. You can place your orders online with a single tap and get these hinges delivered to your doorstep. The engineers and manufacturer at TDC hinges understand your expectation from hinges. TDC always tries its best to provide quality, long-lasting, and durable solutions for your doors.

If you want to replace your old hinges with the long lasting and premium hinges by TDC, get in touch with us through a contact form on our website. One of our representatives will contact you right after receiving your contact form. We make sure to be available round the clock to accommodate every consumer around the globe. Our satisfied consumers are the proof of satisfying products. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for future updates and offers. 

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