Why Invisible Doors are Popular?

Why Invisible Doors are Popular?

Why Invisible Doors are Popular?

Invisible doors are becoming more and more popular now, and many people are pursuing aesthetics very much in decoration. Invisible doors are a good item that can be integrated with the wall as a whole "wall" or a part of the furniture cabinet, which can reduce the The abrupt feeling of the door will make the space appear more spacious and also improve the appearance of the home.

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High appearance, pursuit of overall sense of space

The house is equipped with an invisible door, which can be combined with the wall panel or the cabinet at home. The invisible door can be integrated with the wall without giving people a sense of abruptness, achieving visual unity and pursuing the overall sense of space. Appears beautiful and atmospheric.

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The invisible door hides the cloakroom

Large-sized houses have independent cloakrooms, and invisible door design can be used, so that the cloakroom can be subtly hidden. Designing the cloakroom door as an invisible door can play a very good decorative role.

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Small apartments use invisible doors to install large spaces

If your home is small, you don’t want the door of the room to be too obtrusive and the space layout is limited. Maybe the door is next to the TV wall, then you can consider installing an invisible door, so that at least visually, it looks like the space will be much larger. 

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Avoid the bathroom door facing the hall

Some people's bathroom door faces the living room. In Feng Shui, it is not good for the bathroom door to face the kitchen door or the room door. Therefore, if you don't want the bathroom door to be open for a long time, you can choose an invisible door design. The closed door design can avoid the situation that the bathroom door is open.

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Types of invisible door designs:

There are three main types of invisible door designs:

1. The invisible door and the wall finish are of the same material

2. The invisible door and the wall have the same color

3. The invisible door is combined with cabinet furniture

The combination of invisible doors and wall finishes

In most cases, invisible doors are custom-made, and the same finishing materials are used as the walls. For example, many people use Keding boards for wall decoration in their homes. If you have invisible doors at home, you should also use Keding boards. Set the plate to do it, choose the same type of plate, so that there will be no color difference.

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If you don't open the door, can you see that there is a door here? That's the beauty of design!

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The invisible door and the wall color are the same

If the wall of the house is not made of clapboard, it is just painted with latex paint. If you want to make an invisible door, you can choose a door of the same color as the wall, and do not make a door cover. Relatively speaking, it looks like There is a certain invisible effect, but the difficulty is the color matching of the door and the wall. Even if it is a large white wall, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is pearl white, beige, or snow white, and the color must match.

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Invisible doors and cabinet furniture combined

It is also a very common practice to combine invisible doors and cabinet furniture. When customizing furniture, the doors are customized together, so that it can be relatively unified. In addition, when invisible doors are combined with cabinets, the space on both sides of the door is also a lot of storage space can be added, so this method is also very popular.

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At present, there is no special professional and well-known brand for invisible doors. In fact, most door-making businesses can do it. The technical content of invisible doors lies in hardware accessories. The main function of invisible doors is to hide the door and keep it in a long-term position. In the closed state, in order to achieve the long-term closed state of the door, a hydraulic hinge hardware that can automatically bounce back is required. The hydraulic hinge can also adjust the closing force. When the door is closed to a certain angle, it will automatically close.

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The price of invisible doors is about 20%-40% more expensive than ordinary doors of the same material.

1. Choose a hinge with better quality, otherwise, it is easy to fail to bounce back in the later stage, and the door will not automatically close.

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2. When installing a lock on an invisible door, it is necessary to consider whether the door should be opened frequently. If it is often in and out, it is recommended to install a double-sided lock. If you do not open the door often, you can choose a single-sided lock. , to achieve a better invisible effect.

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3. Invisible doors should avoid the problem of excessive door gaps, and try to minimize the door gaps.

4. The hydraulic hinge of the invisible door should be adjusted well to avoid too much force, which will cause excessive closing noise, and at the same time, it is easy to pinch children or pets.

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In fact, the biggest advantage of the invisible door is that it can achieve the effect of "invisibility" and make the home more beautiful! However, invisible doors are not suitable for everyone. If you have children at home, it is recommended to use ordinary doors. However, if you are not worried about this problem, you can still choose invisible doors. Pay attention to the opening and closing of invisible doors. The strength and the size of the door seam are enough.

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