Why House Doors and Windows don't Close Tightly

Why House Doors and Windows don't Close Tightly

Why House Doors and Windows don't Close Tightly

There will be some problems with the doors and windows in the home for a long time. Moreover, when autumn and winter come, we will find that some doors and windows are not always closed tightly.

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Door and window opening and closing block

If there is a blocking phenomenon when opening and closing doors and windows, the switch needs a lot of force, the frame and fan overlap width is small, and the surrounding gaps are uneven, which are generally caused by the following factors:

  • The door and window frame or fan is deformed, and the sealing strip is   loose and falling off.
  • The hardware accessories are damaged.
  • The installation quality is poor, and the allowable deviation is exceeded by a lot, and it is not adjusted in time.

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  • The installation of doors and windows should conform to the installation process, and the installation quality of each process should be checked and adjusted at any time.
  • The center line of the window frame and the window hole should be drawn. When the window frame is installed in the hole, the center line should be aligned. The frame angle should be temporarily fixed. Carefully adjust the verticality, horizontality and straightness of the window frame. 
  • Check the diagonal and flatness deviation before the door and window sash is inserted into the frame. After entering the frame, use a steel ruler and a feeler gauge to check the lap width and peripheral gap of the sash until it meets the requirements.
  • Install the hardware parts correctly, and replace them in time if any damage is found.
  • Do a good job in the protection of finished products and the usual use and maintenance to prevent external impact, and do not hang heavy objects to cause deformation of doors and windows. When using it, turn it on and off lightly to prolong its service life.

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Damaged hardware accessories

The damage of door and window hardware accessories is generally manifested as: hardware accessories are not firmly fixed, loose and fall off, pulleys, sliding brace hinges, etc. are damaged, and opening and closing is inflexible.

Causes of hardware damage: improper selection of hardware accessories, poor quality; no metal lining plate when tightening, not enough installation strength.


  • The model, specification and performance of the selected hardware accessories should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and should match the selected plastic doors and windows.
  • For sliding windows with a width of more than 1m, or doors and windows with double glazing, double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be selected.
  • The sliding brace hinge shall not use aluminum alloy material, but stainless steel material.
  • When installing hardware with fastening screws, there must be a metal lining plate inside, and the thickness of the lining plate should be at least twice the pitch of the fasteners. It must not be fastened to plastic profiles and must not be lined with non-metallic materials.
  • The hardware accessories should be installed last, and the door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window and door sash is in the frame to ensure the correct position and flexible switch.
  • After installing the hardware, pay attention to maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, it should be turned on and off lightly to prevent hard opening and hard closing, which may cause damage.

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The hinge sealing effect is not good

A hinge is a component that connects two parts of an object and enables it to move. Ordinary hinges are used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc.

If the sealing effect of door and window hinges is not good, then our doors and windows will often leak air and not close tightly.


When installing, pay attention to the following points to ensure the sealing of the hinge:

  • Before installation, it should be checked whether the hinge matches the door and window frame and fan.
  • Check whether the hinge groove matches the height, width and thickness of the hinge.
  • It should be checked whether the hinge and the screws and fasteners connected to it are matched.
  • The connection method of the hinge should match the material of the frame and the fan, such as the hinge used for the steel frame wooden door, the side connected with the steel frame is welded, and the side connected with the wooden door leaf is fixed by wood screws.
  • When the two panels of the hinge are asymmetrical, it should be identified which panel should be connected to the fan, which panel should be connected to the door and window frame, and the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be connected to the frame. Fixed, the side connected with the two sections of the shaft should be fixed with the door and window.

Doors and windows leaking air and not closing tightly are things that every family will encounter. Carefully observe these points to create a warm space.

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