Why Are Stainless Steel Hinges Attracted By Magnets?

Why Are Stainless Steel Hinges Attracted By Magnets?

Why Are Stainless Steel Hinges Attracted By Magnets?

Recently, several customers called me to report whether our stainless steel hinges were fake. Why can they be sucked up by sucking iron?

Generally, stainless steel hinge manufacturers usually choose 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel as the raw materials for the production of stainless steel hinges. In real life, when people are buying stainless steel hinges, because they cannot be distinguished by naked eyes, many people are used Use a magnet to determine the authenticity of the stainless steel hinge material. You will find that the 304 stainless steel hinge can be attracted. So why can stainless steel hinges be held with magnets?

Stainless Steel Hinges and Magnets

A formed stainless steel hinge is composed of many parts, and these parts are all stamped out of the mold. The raw material is stainless steel, but the stamping molds are all made of iron. During the production process, mechanical magnetism will be generated, and the hinge The accessories inside are stainless iron, and there is also suction through 304 stainless steel (Note: The main parts of 304 stainless steel hinges are all pure 304 stainless steel, and other small accessories are stainless iron, because 304 stainless steel is strong, brittle, and small accessories During the molding process and the use process, it is easy to break), so it will definitely be sucked directly by suction with a magnet, which is a normal phenomenon.

Manganese in the Stainless Steel Hinges

In short, everyone uses magnets directly to judge whether the stainless steel hinge is true or false. Some inferior stainless steel products are doped with a large amount of manganese metal. Manganese cannot be attracted to the magnet, but after adding manganese, the rust and corrosion resistance of the product is greatly reduced. Although such products cannot be attracted by magnetite, they are of poor quality.

Testing the Stainless Steel Hinges

If you really want to test whether it is pure 304 stainless steel, you need to use stainless steel to quickly measure the solution. Drop it on the top and see the color to distinguish it. If the product does not change color, it is 304 stainless steel. If it turns red, it may be 201 stainless steel Made of other materials.


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