Where is the Door Hinge

Where is the Door Hinge

Where is the Door Hinge

In real life, when we install the door hinge, where is the door hinge?

Choosing the Door Hinge Location

The ordinary door hinge is installed at 1/4 of the door, which can ensure uniform force. The pipe door hinges are installed on the upper and lower positions of the door, usually at 1/3 of the door. The hinge of the door will be installed at the upper, middle and lower points of the door, and the hinges of other doors will be installed according to the specific situation.

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Matching the Door Hinge to the Frame

When the hinge is connected, it should match the material of the window frame. The hinges used in general steel frame wooden doors are connected to one side of the steel frame by welding. When the wooden door leaf is connected to the hinge, it is fixed with wood screws.

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Properly Connecting the Door Hinge

If the slates on both sides of the hinge are asymmetrical, see which slate is connected to the door leaf, and then connect the slate on that side to the door and window frame. After the connection is completed in this way, the connection between the window frame and the hinge will be relatively firm.

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Choosing the Right Material for your Door Hinge

When installing the hinge, keep the hinge above the same window in a vertical line. And the materials of the hinges are pure copper, iron and stainless steel and so on. If it is installed in the home, 304 stainless steel can be used. Because the overall price of pure copper is particularly high, and iron is prone to rust. Therefore, in comparison, stainless steel hinges are more convenient to use and cost-effective.

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