What Types of Invisible Door Hinges Are There

What Types of Invisible Door Hinges Are There

What Types of Invisible Door Hinges Are There

When we decorate the house, the requirements for the quality of the door are relatively high. Invisible door hinges play a pivotal role as a key part of the door.


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Types of invisible door hinges

Ordinary hinge

For cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. Materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. The disadvantage of ordinary hinges is that they do not have the function of spring hinges. After installing the hinges, various bumps must be installed, otherwise the wind will blow the door panel.

Pipe hinge

Also called a spring hinge. Mainly used for the connection of furniture door panels, it generally requires a thickness of 16 ~ 20 mm. The material is galvanized iron and zinc alloy. The spring hinge is attached with adjustment screws, which can adjust the height and thickness of the plate up and down, left and right. One of its features is that the cabinet door can be opened according to the space.

In addition to the general 90-degree angle, 127- degree,144- degree,165 -degree, etc. have corresponding hinges to match, so that various cabinet doors have corresponding stretches.

Door hinge

It is divided into ordinary type and bearing type. The ordinary type has been mentioned before. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel in terms of material. Judging from the current consumption situation, more copper bearing hinges are used, because their style is beautiful and bright, the price is moderate, and they are equipped with screws.

Other hinges

There are glass hinges, countertop hinges, and door hinges. The glass hinge is used to install the frameless glass cabinet door, and the thickness of the glass is required to be no more than 5--6 mm.

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When choosing a good door, we should also pay more attention to the quality of the invisible door hinge. It is the key link between the door and the door frame, that is, it has to bear the weight of the door, and also drives the door to rotate, and its material and process requirements are very high.

There are many types of invisible door hinges of various brands on the market. I hope that the above introduction will help you when choosing invisible door hinges in the future.

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