What Kinds Of Wardrobe Door Hinges are There?

What Kinds Of Wardrobe Door Hinges are There?

What Kinds Of Wardrobe Door Hinges are There?

Wardrobes are used in every household. How much do we know about wardrobe door hinges? How many kinds of wardrobe door hinges are there? Wardrobe door installation skills?

There are several types of wardrobe door hinges:

There are three commonly used wardrobe door hinges. One is an ordinary hinge, which is easy to loosen after installation and use, and will rust after a long time; the second is a spring hinge, when in use, the thickness of the wardrobe door is required to be about 19mm, which is easy to disassemble and not easy to loosen, and The use time is long; the third type is the bearing cabinet hinge, which has many specifications and stable performance.

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Wardrobe door installation tips:

1. Wardrobes are often used in our lives, and the styles of wardrobes are also very different, and they are also made of different materials. There are many kinds of wardrobe doors when purchasing wardrobes. When installing cabinet doors, we must first check whether the doors are of the same size. If it is different, we have to use the hanging rail to push and pull, so that we can adjust the front and rear space, so that after the wardrobe door is installed, the gap between the door and the wardrobe is smaller and looks more beautiful.

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2. Before installation, you must first check whether the materials for installing the wardrobe door are all equipped. Among the materials are pulleys, screws, top rails and door installation tools, and then look at the structure of the cabinet and the size of the door for errors. In this way, unnecessary trouble and anti-work can be avoided during the installation process, and at the same time, it can save a lot of time for the construction.

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3. After everything is ready, the professional wardrobe door master installs the elevator, cover and pulley in the top rail. After installing the hardware accessories, push down the wardrobe door and feel whether it is very smooth, whether it is blocked or not. Finally, fix all the matching screws, so that the wardrobe door is installed and completed. At the same time, it is also recommended that the wardrobe door should be used frequently and its quality should be selected.

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