What Is The Difference Between Four And Three Exterior Door Hinges

What Is The Difference Between Four And Three Exterior Door Hinges

What Is The Difference Between Four And Three Exterior Door Hinges

Most of the exterior door hinges are three, and some exterior door hinges are four, so what is the difference between four and three entrance door hinges? In fact, the difference between four and three exterior door hinges is mainly based on the weight of the entrance door. The heavier the entrance door, the more hinges are used. That is to say, each hinge has its own load-bearing range. If the entrance door is too heavy and the use of 3 hinges cannot meet the demand, 4 hinges will be used to bear the weight of the entrance door together.

For the entrance door, there are higher anti-theft requirements compared with the interior door. A qualified anti-theft door cannot be pried open within 15 minutes by using ordinary hand tools such as chisels, screwdrivers, crowbars, and portable electric tools such as hand drills. Make a 615 mm2 opening on the top, or a 38 mm2 opening in a semicircle of 150 mm2 at the locking point. Relatively heavy anti-theft doors are also more excellent in anti-theft performance.

Usage of Material

In terms of materials, the common materials for entrance doors include steel doors, steel-wood structure doors, and aluminum alloy anti-theft doors; common materials for hinges include stainless steel, pure copper, and stainless iron/iron. Different materials correspond to different prices, and the materials recommended for different occasions are also different.

Tips for choosing satin nickel door hinges:

1. Look at the weight of the material

The quality of the hinges is poor, and the cabinet door is easy to lean forward and back after being used for a long time, loose and sagging. Almost all the cabinet hardware of big brands use cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time, with a thick feel and smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, durable, and has a strong load-bearing capacity, while inferior hinges are generally welded with thin iron sheets, which have almost no resilience, and will lose their elasticity after a long time, causing the door to close. Not tight, even cracked.

2. Experience the feel

Hinges with different advantages and disadvantages feel different when used. The hinges with excellent quality have soft force when opening the cabinet door, and they will automatically rebound when they are closed to 15 degrees, and the rebound force is very uniform. Consumers can open and close the cabinet door more when purchasing to experience the hand feeling.

3. Look at the details

The details can tell whether the product is good or not, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. High-quality hinges use thick, smooth surfaces, and are designed to be silent. Inferior hinges are generally made of cheap metal such as thin iron sheets, and the cabinet door stretches jerkyly, and even makes harsh sounds.

4. Reset performance

When selecting a hinge, in addition to visual inspection and feeling that the surface of the hinge is smooth and smooth, attention should be paid to the reset performance of the hinge spring. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.

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