What is a Wardrobe Hinge?

What is a Wardrobe Hinge?

What is a Wardrobe Hinge?

Although modern people pursue beauty and fashion everywhere and pursue comfort and warmth everywhere, they are still inseparable from some traditional things. Traditional things still have strong vitality today. For example, hinges are an indispensable hardware for ever-changing wardrobes.

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What is a wardrobe hinge

The simplest wardrobe hinges are connected by two patches, machined at the joint with an iron bar.

The connected patches can move freely, punch holes on the two patches, one is fixed on the wardrobe door, and the other is fixed on the side of the wardrobe, so that the wardrobe door can be freely opened and closed for easy opening.

Types of wardrobe hinges

Wardrobe hinges are divided into ordinary hinges, spring hinges, hydraulic hinges, door hinges, etc., which are mainly used in cabinet doors, windows, wardrobe doors, partition doors, gates and other places. Wardrobe hinges can be divided into: iron, copper, stainless steel.

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Adjustment of wardrobe hinges

The adjustment screw on the hinge of the universal middle-curved pipe can be adjusted left and right, but cannot be adjusted up and down. To adjust the up and down, you need to remove the part of the screw installed on the cabinet and reinstall it. It is very simple. If the adjustment distance is 3 For mm, you only need to remove the two fixing screws and fix it with the two upper and lower screws at the tail.

This article covers those things about wardrobe hinges. If you want to make your wardrobe more usable, choosing high-quality wardrobe hinges is a very important aspect. Choosing the right wardrobe hinge can make your wardrobe more comfortable to open and close, and it can also make your wardrobe more comfortable. Oh high quality!

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