What are The Dimensions Of The Door Hinge

What are The Dimensions Of The Door Hinge

What are The Dimensions Of The Door Hinge

The hinge is also known as the hinge, also known as the hinge. Often composed of two folds, it is a part that connects two parts of an object and makes it move. The inch of the hinge refers to inches.

Standard Size of Hinges:

Now the standard hinge size on the market is 4 inches, which is 10cm. The material is stainless steel, and the thickness is about 3 mm. Generally, a door needs to install 3 hinges, because the international standard door height exceeds 1.9 meters, it needs 3 hinges, which has better protection for the door and strong load-bearing.

The size of the door and window hinges

1. There are many styles and sizes of door and window hinges. From the style alone, they can be divided into more than ten kinds of ordinary hinges, H hinges, window hinges, cross hinges, etc. The choice of each hinge size is different. different.
2. Although there are many styles of door and window hinges, there are only a few kinds of hinges that are often used in home decoration. The most common is 4-inch hinges, that is, 4*3*3 hinges, 4 means the length is 10cm, 3 Refers to a width of 3cm and a thickness of 3mm. This kind of ordinary hinge is most commonly used in various room doors, including study doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, etc.
3. The door and window hinges need to use anti-theft hinges, which are usually matched with the door and do not need to be purchased again. The hinges used for cabinet doors can use long-row hinges. One such hinge has a length of 1.8m and can install 3 cabinet doors. You can also choose to use pipe hinges or ordinary small hinges. The installation of pipe hinges will be more difficult. Convenient, but less functional.
4. When choosing the size of the hinge, it can be determined according to the thickness of the door and the door frame. If it is too small, it is easy to be unstable, and if it is too large, it cannot be installed. It is best to measure the thickness of the door before making a selection.

Door Hinge

The installation method of door and window hinges

1. According to the size and weight of the door leaf, determine the number of hinges that need to be installed on each door, and mark it on the door leaf line. For heavy gates, 3mm thick, four-node stainless steel hinges are recommended.
2. According to the number and size of the hinges installed on the door leaf, draw a line at the corresponding position of the door frame.
3. Slot the door leaf. The depth is confirmed according to the thickness of the hinge and the gap between the two hinges. The general depth is one page degree.
4. Slot the door leaf, the depth is one page thickness. Attach a hinge to the door frame with two screws.
5. Align the door with the door frame, fix each hinge on the door leaf with two screws, try to open the door leaf, and check whether the door leaf is reasonable. After adjusting properly, tighten all the screws to fix the door.

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