Ultimate Buying Guide for Cabinet Hardware 

Ultimate Buying Guide for Cabinet Hardware 

Disclaimer: There aren’t any rules. It’s your kitchen; you make the call. Keep it nostalgic or make it contemporary; it’s all on you. 

First things first. What actually do we mean by cabinet hardware? Cabinet hardware is a small yet important element of kitchen design. It allows you to easily open the cabinet doors and drawers and adds your personality to the kitchen. 

An Introduction to Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet handles, also known as cabinet pull, play an essential role in improving the looks and functionality of your hardware. There are different types of cabinet hardware that you can buy. But before making a purchase, you need to take extra precautions.  Beware of fake cabinet hardware suppliers

Whether you are building a home from scratch or just doing home remodeling, you cannot ignore cabinets. Whether it is kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, they all deserve your attention. You may have to replace the existing cabinet handles with new ones.

Probably, you have any questions concerning these pieces of hardware. What is the price of cabinet handles? Where can I find the best cabinet handles? What is the price of cabinet pulls and handles? How do I choose the right hardware for my cabinet? Buying cabinet pulls is a huge undertaking that requires you to handle everything with precaution.

What are the Major Considerations While Choosing Cabinet Hardware? 

There are many things that you should consider before buying these pieces of cabinet hardware. Although opening and closing cabinets may seem like a small task, you may find yourself loathing doing it just because you chose the wrong type of cabinet handles. That is one thing that has no reason to bring discomfort in your life.

1 - Type of Cabinet Hardware

This one considers the major selection of knobs, pulls, and combinations. Knobs on a single post require small cabinet door screws for insertion, while pulls require two holes for insertion. Cabinets usually have a knob on them, while the drawers have pulls, which is a contemporary rule. 

2 - The size of the Cabinet Hardware 

Knobs and pull are always measured from center to center. This means from one insertion point to the next. If replacing the cabinet hardware .while renovating your house, make sure you update the existing knobs with new knobs and choose handles of the same size as the existing ones. The new hardware goes in the same holes, so it makes sense that size matters. 

A few cabinet hardware manufacturers and suppliers offer back plates that allow you to change the overall size of the handles if it seems too big or small. 

Here’s a pull-related rule widely considered while revamping a kitchen’s look. Newer rules include the hardware’s width being one-third of that of the drawer. While contemporary scaling believes the width has to be one-half of the overall width of the drawer. 

For knobs, measure the raised framework around the perimeter of the door and drawer fronts. The diameter of the knob should not be greater than the width of the framework for an accurate fit. 

3 - Style of Cabinet Hardware 

A few cabinet hardware designs are always in fashion and are purely made to uplift an overall kitchen look. There are a few kitchen hardware designs from sleek, ultra-modern, ornate, or antique. You can remodel the space with other alterations too. This includes light fixtures, faucets, or stainless steel appliances. 

Match the hardware with the finishes, or make your favorite contrast any way you want. 

How to Install New Cabinet Hardware?

  • Assess what type of hardware you need.
  • If you’re installing new hardware, you’ll first need to remove the old hardware. 
  • Once the old hardware is removed, clean the surface where the new hardware will be mounted.
  • Install the new hardware using the appropriate tools.
  • Be sure to test the new hardware to ensure it is securely in place.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Door Hinges Makes a Great Difference 

The overall look of a kitchen space also depends on the selection of cabinet door hinges. A wide range of kitchen door hinge options must be selected based on needs, looks, and functionality. 

Here are a few types of cabinet hinges: 

  • Pivot Hinges
  • Wrap Around Hinges
  • Barrel Hinges
  • Strap Hinges
  • Butt Hinges
  • Inset Hinges
  • Full Overlay Hinges
  • Half Overlay Hinges
  • Flush Hinges
  • Offset Hinges
  • Frameless Hinge
  • Invisible Hinges 

    Here are a few types of cabinet door hinges depending on their features: 

    • Heavy-duty hinges
    • Self-close hinges
    • Soft-close hinges
    • Hidden hinges
    • Demountable hinges
    • Ornamental hinges 

      Wrapping Up 

      In general, you pick cabinet hardware by looks.

      You don’t want an antique brass finish with fancy scroll-work escutcheons on a severely modern flush-front door with concealed hinges. Similarly, you don’t wish to have a brushed nickel finish wire pulled on a natural wood raised panel door with L-bracket hinges.

      Having determined the look you want, then consider any mechanical issues you may have. If you are building, for example, cabinet doors with a pot lid rack or a canned goods rack on the inside, you’ll need a much stronger hinge than if it only carries the weight of the door alone.

      Getting the right hardware is in no way difficult. It's just you need the right cabinet hardware supplier and manufacturer. Trust TDC Hinges for door hinges and cabinet hardware needs. 

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