The Pros And Cons Of Invisible Doors

The Pros And Cons Of Invisible Doors

The Pros And Cons Of Invisible Doors

How to automatically close the invisible door?

In order to conceal, many invisible doors do not have door handles outside, and they enter by pushing the door. You may ask, every time I push the door in, do I have to turn around to close the door? This will discuss the most important hinge of the invisible door, which is the small part that allows the door to close automatically.

Some people above said that the invisible door is broken quickly, that is, the hinge is not selected well, and the life of the spring hinge is very short. It is recommended to use a hydraulic hinge, which has the effect of a door closer, and the effect of closing the door is good, and the closing speed can be adjusted by yourself. 

Invisible Doors

Types of Invisible Doors

1) Casement invisible doors (the most used): some use rows of cabinets to enter another space from the cabinet door (commonly enter the bathroom from the wardrobe), and some are purely from the wall, most of them choose The same material as the adjacent wall, so as to achieve the effect of "invisibility" on the wall.

2) Push-pull invisible door: commonly used in the case where the kitchen door is too narrow. The node diagram is shown below. If the kitchen has double sliding doors on both sides, it can be pushed into the wall when not in use, just like an open kitchen. When you pull it up, it doesn't take up any space at all. The only downside is that it is not easy to do hygiene and maintenance.

3) Folding invisible door: After the folding invisible door is opened, it only needs to occupy one side of the space, the cost is relatively high, common high-end overall customization, the focus is on hardware.

4) Rotary invisible door: It takes up a certain amount of space, and most of them are in the form of cabinets. Because of the load-bearing, the load-bearing capacity of the hardware is very high.

Invisible Doors image2

Precautions to Take When Installing Invisible Door

1. Design is the most important

If the invisible door is not done well, it is not only invisible, but also ugly. It requires a high degree of skill for the designer. The façade details such as symmetrical modeling must be considered in place to achieve the effect of being fake.

2. It is very important to choose good hardware products

The poor hardware of the invisible door may cause the door to not close tightly, which seriously affects the original intention of designing the invisible door. The effect it needs to achieve is: it can be pushed open normally, and can be closed automatically after being pushed and pulled. The most important of which is the hinge

The invisible door hinges on the market are roughly divided into the following types: dark hinges, hydraulic positioning hinges, and heaven and earth shaft hinges

Concealed hinge: choose the size of the concealed hinge according to the different thickness of the door. The advantage is that the door can be concealed in front of and behind the door, and the door panel and door frame need to be slotted, but ordinary concealed hinges cannot achieve hydraulic buffering effect, and need to be added behind the door. Install door closers.

invisible door image3

Why is it not recommended that you install invisible doors?

1. easily deformed and not durable

The invisible door is not installed with a door frame. Due to the uneven force, it is prone to deformation after long-term use. After deformation, there will be unsightly gaps, and the door lock is difficult to close and a series of problems. In order to pursue a better decorative effect, many invisible doors are not designed without handles, so the place where the door is often opened will become dirty. From a distance, a stain in the middle of the entire wall will be particularly obvious.

2. Invisibility is not good, it is even uglier

If the invisible door is used for a long time, the door will be deformed, and there will be gaps between the door and the wall, which will lead to "invisibility failure".

There are also some invisible doors made of gypsum board or other boards with a high coefficient of modification. Under external conditions such as thermal expansion and contraction, the door gap will be wide or narrow.

No matter what the reason is, after the "invisible door" has a gap, it will not only fail to achieve the expected decorative effect, but also affect the appearance of the entire space.

3. High cost, low cost performance

Invisible doors are made, and the cheapest ones are about the same price as ordinary wooden doors. And invisible doors need to be designed and constructed according to the entire context. Therefore, adding labor costs, hardware hinges, and some technical configurations, the whole thing is very expensive, and the cost performance is very low.

The invisible door looks good from the design point of view. But in terms of practicality, there are also many disadvantages of invisible doors. Overall, invisible doors are a design that does more harm than good.

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