The Latest Installation Method of Cabinet Door Hinges

The Latest Installation Method of Cabinet Door Hinges

The Latest Installation Method of Cabinet Door Hinges

How to install cabinet door hinges

The installation distance of the cabinet door hinge is generally determined according to the thickness of the door panel.

If the thickness of the door panel is 19 mm, the margin of the hinge cup is 4 mm, and the minimum margin is 2 mm.

After determining the distance between the installed door panel and the cabinet door hinge, we will actually install it according to the number of cabinet door hinges selected. The number of installed hinges mainly depends on the height of the installed door panel. For a door panel of 1500 mm and a weight between 9-12 kg, you should choose about 3 hinges.

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Installation Method

When the cabinet door hinge is installed, the installation method is also very important. According to the position of the door and the side of the side panel, the door can be divided into three installation methods:

  • Full-cover door
  • Half-cover door
  • Built-in door

It covers the side panel, and the half-covered door covers half of the side panel. It is especially suitable for cabinets with partitions in the middle that need to be installed with more than three doors. The built-in doors are installed in the side panels.

When the door is installed and connected, we first use a measuring class or a woodworking pencil to mark the position, and the drilling margin is generally about 5 mm, and then use an electric drill or a woodworking hole opener to punch a hole of about 35 mm on the top of the door.

Millimeter installation holes, the drilling depth is generally about 12 mm, and then put the door hinge into the hinge cup hole on the door panel and fix the hinge cup with self-tapping screws.

Then we insert the cabinet door hinge into the cup hole of the door panel and open the hinge. After inserting and aligning the side panel, fix the base with self-tapping screws.

After this is done, we will try to open the door. The effect is that generally the door hinges can be adjusted in six directions. They should be aligned up and down. The left and right positions of the two doors are moderate. Generally, the distance between the closed doors after installation is generally about 2 mm.

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