Self Closing Hinges Buying Guide

Self Closing Hinges Buying Guide

Self Closing Hinges Buying Guide

Door hinges are a crucial component of your interior when it comes to designing your own house. Whether it's the nursery or kitchen, you can not risk choosing the wrong hinges or knobs. Moreover, every type of room demands a different door hinge. 

If you have chosen self-closing hinges already, there's still much you need to know and find out. You should first know about the door hinges manufacturer you’re dealing with. That's because many times, the manufacturers are the ones to advise you. 

Make sure that whenever you choose a door hinge, you know the pros and cons. Some hinges swing both sides while others have a spring; some have rising mortise while others don't. 

You have to consider whether you have a carpeted floor, if there is going to be luggage carried frequently from that door, and what type of look you want. 

Types Of Self-Close Hinges: 

  • Spring Hinge: These are very common in offices; you might also have noticed these in hotel rooms or some open-door offices. They’re also very commonly used in garages and screen doors. 

Spring doors can be steel or non-steel. Steel ones won't rust and shorten the door life for you. It's also more worth your money when you buy steel, and don't save a few dollars when making your own house. 

Spring hinges also come in several types, but make sure not to use any of those in a nursery. Since these are kind of hard to push/pull for kids, using them in a nursery is the last thing you want to do. 

  • Swing Hinge: These are the easiest and most comfortable door hinges one can use. You can choose one side swinging hinges or ones that swing both sides. These are mostly ideal as interior hinges since they don't give much of a look. 

Some swing ones are also good for garages where much luggage is often moved. Hinges that swing both ways are also called ‘Double Action’ hinges. They’re also self-closing and completely secure in whatever room you install them in. 

  • Rising Mortise Hinge: Rising hinges perform just as their name suggests; they rise a little from the floor when you open the door. These are better on carpeted floors since the door’s bottom might harm the carpet or ruin its positioning. 

Therefore, if your room has a thick carpet (this might be possible in the kid’s playing room), you should choose the rising mortise interior hinges. 

How to Choose the Right Self-Close Hinges?

  • Length: Hinges come as long as 4 inches and are as small as 2 or even fewer inches. You need to choose one that matches your requirements. If the door isn't very long, you don't need a long hinge (no matter what your door hinges supplier recommends). 

Self-close hinges work well no matter what their size is; the goal is to have your door auto-close. It is recommended to use hinges with intervals on your door, especially when it's a self-close hinge. 

We recommend you use one hinge every 30 inches of your door. So you can imagine how awkward a very long set of hinges would look! 

  • Material: Stainless steel door hinges are corrosion-resistant. Make sure your hinges last longer by not only opting for the right manufacturer or supplier but also from the best material. Door hinges can go through a lot. 

From a numb season to a dry winter, no one changes their automatic door closer hinges time-to-time. Therefore, we recommend you be vigilant and make the right choice. 

Next, you also need to keep in mind what kind of hinge would keep your door’s wood safe. Many hinges are also made out of brass. At the same time, the material itself is secure. You don't know how the door’s wood might respond to it. Therefore, make sure to take advice from an expert. 

  • Prices: Prices shouldn't be the primary concern here; value for money should be. That's because you can get cheap material for a low price, and you can pay a high price for a better one. However, finding a moderate price for very high quality is something rare. 

Whatever door hinges supplier you opt for, make sure they are affordable and don't overcharge, along with the fact that they deliver value. A very nicely designed door knob is no good if you're paying all the price for the money instead of considering other factors as well. 

Lastly, don't finalize a budget first and then go shopping for your new house. Instead, research the market first before limiting yourself in the name of a budget. Moreover, look for suppliers that offer good discounts because things like door knobs, locks and self-close hinges are always bought in bulk. 


In conclusion, self-close hinges are the best option for your house, given that you choose them wisely. We have a wide variety of self-close hinges so that you have access to the right quality and right type on time. 

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