Selecting Interior and Exterior Door Hardware

Selecting Interior and Exterior Door Hardware

Selecting Interior and Exterior Door Hardware

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The moment you’re done setting up interior and exterior doors, you must opt for the right hardware. It’s a rare myth that the hardware of the interior and exterior doors need to match each other religiously to make a house look good. Honestly, this rarely makes any sense. 

Rather, the combinations of the hardware of the two doors behave like a cousin than twin siblings each other.  Just like any other aspect of home building, there are plenty of options. You’ve got levers and knobs. Knobs can be tubes or cylindrical, or the differentiation can occur at the level of interior and exterior doors.

You can just stick to your favorite theme and play about the shades for the doors without worrying too much about the matching. 

Are Interior and Exterior Door Hinges the Same?

Exterior Door Hinges

Door hinges are basically the same, but exterior doors typically weigh more than interior doors if you are comparing hollow interior doors 1 5/8″ thick to solid 1 3/4″ thick exterior doors. The hinge should be made of a thicker material and non-rusting stainless steel.

Are Interior and Exterior Door Handles the Same?

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No, most exterior door handles have internal keyed locks, while interior doors have a thumbscrew lock on a bathroom door or a privacy lock on a bedroom door. 

Most exterior door knobs come with key locks and heavy-duty hardware, and some have a thermal connection between the inside and the outside half. That means when the exterior half of the knob gets hot or cold, the inside half stays at room temperature.

Exterior Door Hardware

Door Hinges

Entry door hardware not just adds curb appeal to your home but also gives a sense of security to the inhabitants. 

Three main things to consider when opting for a handle set for your exterior doors. 

1 - The Door Type 

Determine the thickness of your exterior door. The thickness can vary from 1 ¼ inches to 3 inches thick, which needs to be measured before making any hardware purchases. Next, measure the cross bore and the backset. The crossbore’s diameter matters because it’s where the hardware fits in.  

The backset is a measurement that’s made from the edge of the door to the center of the cross bore. Also, see if the door opens on the left or the right side. The side where the door hinges are installed demonstrates whether the door is left-handed or right-handed. 

2 - The Handle Style 

After knowing the door type, you choose a knob, lever, or handle. You are suggested to choose a style that compliments the overall look of your home and a finish that matches the other finishes near your exterior doors. Before selecting a handle style, you may also need to see the lightning outside your exterior doors. 

3 - The Lock Type 

There are two options when opting for the lock types. It can be the keyed deadbolt or the keyless entry. Keyless or electronic locks open with a keypad or a touchscreen. The smart keyless lock models can be locked and unlocked with a cellphone. Additionally, you can look for styles and finishes to match your exterior doors

Interior Door Hardware

Exterior Door Hinges

The interior door hardware serves to be jewelry for your interior space. When choosing door handles and door knobs, consider the two factors: 

1 - The Door Thickness 

Typically interior doors are 1 ⅜ inches thick, and standard door knobs fit in well. Alternate sizes are also available for thicker and thinner doors. 

2 - The Backset 

It is measured from the edge of the door to the center of the doorknob. It’s usually 2 ⅜ for the standard-size doors. 

Selecting the Door Handle 

Be sure you buy for the environment the handle will be in, either outdoors, subjected to the weather, on a covered patio, or indoors. For longevity, always buy the best handle you can afford. 

Also, consider the finish to color match the other hardware in - for instance - your home. You must choose between a conventional rounded handle or a lever handle. 

If you are concerned with “aging in place,” definitely go with a lever-type handle. The lever handles are also convenient when you’re entering a door and carrying something. It can be opened with any part of your hand, arm, or elbow. 


Every door has a different hardware requirement. The key is to learn and opt for the right ones. Once you’re done selecting your door knobs and door levers, you must determine whether your door has additional requirements or not. The requirements can vary from insertion of door guards, door locks, or door plate, TDC Hinges are a go-to solution for your hardware needs.

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