How to replace the door hinge of the bathroom?

How to replace the door hinge of the bathroom?

How to replace the door hinge of the bathroom?

Everyone should know about door hinges, right? It is an object that links two objects and assumes the function of turning, usually used in home decoration. So what if the door hinge needs to be replaced? How to take it apart? Today, let's talk about the bathroom door hinge as an example.

Bathroom door hinge replacement—Introduction to bathroom door hinges

The toilet door hinge is the core component of the toilet door to realize the function of use. It is a device used to connect or rotate, so that the toilet door can be rotated to realize the opening and closing of the toilet door. Generally, the bathroom door hinge material is stainless steel, but also copper. A good bathroom door hinge is in the form of bearings. Generally, there are 4 bearings in one to bear the weight of the bathroom door.

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Bathroom door hinge replacement - bathroom door hinge installation

Positioning the Door Hinge

When installing the bathroom door hinge, in order to make the bathroom door hinge bear reasonable force, the distance between the position of the hinge and the upper and lower sides of the door leaf should be about 1/10 of the height of the door leaf (usually 200mm). In order to ensure that the position of the bathroom door hinge can be installed accurately, when measuring the installation position of the hinge on the door frame and door leaf, whether it is the upper hinge or the lower hinge, it is required to measure downward from the upper part of the door frame or door leaf.

Marking the Position of the Door Hinge

The width of the hinge is smaller than the thickness of the bathroom door. The long edge of the hinge should be aligned with the back of the door leaf. In order to avoid the wrong installation of the hinge, it is best to draw a mark on the back of the door leaf.

Aligning the Hinges and the Door
For the connection between the hinge and the door leaf, measure 200mm down, draw the positioning line, align the short side of the hinge with the drawing line, align the long side of the hinge with the back of the door leaf, and then use the hinge as a template to draw the hinge. The outline of the page slot, use a flat chisel to cut out the hinge slot.

Utilizing Hinge Grooves for Proper Installation

The hinge groove should be deep inside and shallow outside, and its depth should be flush with the door leaf after the hinge is installed. After the hinge grooves are removed, put the hinges, temporarily fix them with 2 screws, and use the same method to temporarily fix the hinges at the lower part of the door leaf.

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Concluding the Process of Hinge Installation

The connection between the hinge and the door frame, draw the positioning line of the upper hinge of the door frame: use a steel tape measure to measure 200mm from the upper part of the door frame and draw the positioning line, align the hinge with the drawn positioning line and the edge of the door frame, and use The hinge draws the outline of the hinge slot for the template. The positioning line of the lower hinge of the door frame is still starting from the upper part of the door frame, and the height of the door leaf is measured downward minus 200mm.
Finally, use a flat chisel to cut out the hinge groove. After the upper and lower hinge grooves are cut, put the door leaf into the frame, and use 2 screws to temporarily fix the upper and lower hinges on the door frame.

Checking the Hinge Installation on the Door Frame

Then check whether the gap of the bathroom door meets the requirements, whether the frame and the fan are flush, whether the door fan is opened and closed normally, and the door fan should stop wherever it opens, and there should be no self-closing or self-closing phenomenon. After the inspection is passed, tighten the remaining screws.

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