How To Install The Wardrobe Hinge?

How To Install The Wardrobe Hinge?

How To Install The Wardrobe Hinge?

The closet is the same thing we use every day. We need to organize our clothes and put them in the closet. Every day we also need to take out the clothes from the closet to wear them, so the number of times that the closet is turned on and off will be very high. A lot of pressure, let me introduce how to install the wardrobe hinge?

Types of Wardrobe Hinges

Full cover: The door completely covers the side panel of the cabinet. There is a certain gap between the two to facilitate the safe opening of the door.

Straight arm 0MM, half cover: two doors share a cabinet side panel. There is a required minimum gap between them, the coverage distance of each door is reduced, and hinges with curved hinge arms are required.

Zhongqu 9.5MM, inside: The door is located in the cabinet, beside the cabinet side panel, it also needs a gap to allow the door to open safely. Requires very hinged hinges. Daqu 16MM.


How to install wardrobe hinges-adjustment method

A: Door coverage distance adjustment: Turn the screw to the right, the door coverage distance becomes smaller (-) Turn the screw to the left, the door coverage distance becomes larger (+)

 B: Depth adjustment: direct and continuous adjustment with eccentric screw

 C: Height adjustment: The height can be adjusted precisely through the adjustable height hinge base.

 D: Spring force adjustment: In addition to the common three-dimensional adjustment, some hinges can also adjust the opening and closing force of the door. Generally, the maximum force required for tall and heavy doors is used as a base point. When applied to narrow doors and glass doors, spring adjustment is required force. Turn the hinge adjustment screw once. The spring force can be reduced to 50%.

Turn the screw left: the spring force becomes weaker (when used on small doors. It can reduce noise) Turn the screw right: the spring force becomes stronger (tall doors can be closed better)

Turn the screw right: the spring force becomes stronger (tall doors can be closed better)


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