How To Install Stainless Steel Hinges Correctly

How To Install Stainless Steel Hinges Correctly

How To Install Stainless Steel Hinges Correctly

Are You Really Installing Stainless Steel Hinges Correctly?

Proper adjustment with stainless steel hinges is very important to ensure they are both durable and functional. Stainless steel hinges are a great choice for the average homeowner, but not all hinges are created equal. Some are designed for decorative purposes and others for maximum load capacity. There are hinges for a variety of purposes, and they may be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. When selecting the correct hinge, the following factors should be considered:

The most obvious benefit of using stainless steel hinges is that it is resistant to corrosion. This is very important for outdoor applications as moisture and salt will accelerate the rate of hinge corrosion. When choosing a hinge, be sure to look for products made of 304 stainless steel. The material is rust resistant and allows for the use of hardware to secure heavy components.
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Good Lubrication:

In addition to keeping your hinges from rusting, a good lubrication routine will keep them working efficiently and quietly. Therefore, it is important to make it a habit to remove and re-grease the pins from the hinge mechanism every once in a while. This is especially true for hinges used in high frequency applications. If you don't use lithium based grease your hinges won't last as long.

For hinges used in extreme environments, a proper lubrication program should be performed annually. If you are unsure of the correct method of doing this, it is best to consult the manufacturer. A good source for this information is your local hardware supply store. However, if your hinges are not stainless steel, be sure to use proper cleaning methods. Some cleaners can be toxic to hinges.

Proper lubrication procedures are also important for hinges used in outdoor applications, as moisture and salt can accelerate the rate of hinge corrosion. This is especially true for hinges used in areas exposed to sunlight and rain. Stainless steel hinges should not be cleaned with steel wool as this may damage the hinge. Using an all-purpose stainless steel cleaner is the easiest way to clean these hinges.

Proper lubrication procedures for self-closing door hinges are similar to regular hinges, but there are differences. soft close cabinet hinges have a locking screw that should be flush with the hinge hole. If your hinge doesn't have this feature, you may need to remove the screws and insert spacers to keep the hinge from jamming.

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There are many different types of hinges, and each type also has many different uses. For example, a heavy-duty hinge with a 180-degree opening angle is suitable for a variety of applications, such as doors that have a tendency to slam. It's also a good idea to periodically check the tightness of your hinges. However, it's best to avoid adjusting the hinges while the door is open, as this could damage the hinges.

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