How to Install or Upgrade Your Door Hinges

How to Install or Upgrade Your Door Hinges

How to Install or Upgrade Your Door Hinges

Door hinges may not be a noticeable part of your house interiors but there are several hinges that you use routinely in your everyday life. Whether it’s doors, kitchen cabinets, windows, they all add beauty and style to your home and improve your living standards in many ways. Homeowners who are looking to install and upgrade their door hinges may be interested in the ideal ways to complete this process.

In this guide, we will discuss the installation of door hinges to upgrade your door hinges or levels. Though there is a wide selection of custom door hinges, proper installation is key for utilizing even the most high quality door hinges. Whether you’re planning on replacing your door hinges for aesthetics or enhancing your door functions, our door hinges are a utility and a necessary maintenance on your doors. The installation process for TDC Hinges includes all the necessary characteristics you may be looking for and checks all your boxes for upgrading your house.

Free vector metal door hinges silver construction hardware isolated on whiteChoosing the Right Type of Hinges for Your Doors

In today’s day and age, there are a variety of hinges suppliers available in the market. But without knowing proper installation methods and the hinge type for your needs, your door hinges will not match your house interiors.

Door Hinge types


  • If you are aiming to install a lightweight interior or exterior door, the ideal choice for you is butt hinges.
  • If your doors are heavy or wide, ball bearing hinges is a suitable choice due to their smooth opening and closing mechanism.
  • If you want to install a screen door or outward swinging door, your ideal choice is spring hinges.
  • If you intend to install doors that open easily such as emergency doors, parliament hinges is recommended for your house.
  • One of the most flexible options for you can be flush hinges due to their versatility for cabinet uses to internal doors.
  • If you looking for hinges for external doors, tee hinges are recommended for wooden doors or gates.

How to Install TDC Door Hinges to Upgrade Your Interiors

We are door hinges manufacturer with over ten years of experience in the hardware industry. Not only do we provide unique finishes such as antique brass, polished brass, black matte, brushed nickel, and satin chrome, but they also stand out from the market due to their easy installation tools and techniques. Our hinges come with matching screw sets and guide manuals, offering a different number of pieces to meet the specifications of homeowners. These iron-made door hinges are very simple to install and are designed to amplify your house’s decoration style.

Pinghu City Iron Heavy Duty Butt Hinge Steel Utility Hinges

Installation Guide to Hinges

In order to improve the operation of the door, the placement of the door hinges play a vital role for your house doors. In this comprehensive guide, we have broken the process into a few simple steps to make hinges installation a lot easier.

  • Place your hinges on the door’s side frame and pick a mark to install door hinges. Measure appropriately before you can fasten the hinge to the frame. If you have a two-hinge door, the first crucial step is to place them 11 inches above its bottom. In case of a third hinge, you must set the hinge halfway on the door.
  • After determining the positions, the next step is to mark them depending on the thickness and width of the hinges. 
  • Then you should trace your hinges and set them in place to make sure that the door and the frame are able to line up properly.
  • After making the outline, you should cut out the mortise carefully and repeat this process for the door frame.
  • The next step is to mark on the door and the frame and install the hinges using a screwdriver or drill.
  • The last step is to set your door to the frame and ensure that they are screwed tight.

Why Choose TDC Hinges

TDC Hinges is the number one choice of many homeowners in the world due to their high aesthetic value and their versatility to compliment a wide variety of residential and commercial interior doors. They offer a perfect décor style for contemporary, modern, antique and vintage designs. If you are looking to upgrade your door hinges, TDC offers some of the best features in the market today and proper installation tools to help secure your doors to last a lifetime.

4in door hinges


Door hinges are an integral component of your house and cannot be overshadowed or overlooked, especially if you want an aesthetic look to your overall house settings. In today’s world, there are a number of door hinges manufacturers available in the market today but before you make your choice, it is important to gain the necessary information about door hinges installation process to upgrade the interiors of your house. Our door hinges are not only the easiest to install, but that they also offer bonus points to your house in regard to quality, functionality and aesthetic value.

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