How To Install Aluminum Alloy Door Hinge?

How To Install Aluminum Alloy Door Hinge?

How To Install Aluminum Alloy Door Hinge?

Installation method


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1. Watch the direction in which the door or window opens, whether it opens left or right.

2. Measure the size, use a measuring board or a special pencil to mark the positioning, and then use an electric drill or a hole opener to make holes on the door panel (the direct size of the electric drill bit needs to be selected according to the size of the hinge installation hole), and the drilling depth is mainly fixed according to the fixed size. Determined by pin length.

3. Put the hinge into the reamed hole on the door panel and fix the hinge with self-tapping screws. After the hinge is inserted into the cup hole of the door panel, open the hinge, then insert and align the side panel, and fix the base with self-tapping screws.

4. Debug the installation effect to see if the hinges of the doors and windows are installed too tight or too loose or the gaps are too wide, etc. You can adjust the doors and windows to a good effect through the hinges left and right, up and down, etc., and the hinge installation is completed.

Aluminum alloy door hinge installation precautions

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1. Be sure to measure the position of the hinge, otherwise it is easy to cause the door or window to be installed crookedly, and even the hinge cannot be installed at all.

2. The depth of the hinge drilling must not be too deep or too shallow, because too deep can easily lead to too flexible loosening. If it is too shallow, it is difficult to drive the screws in, just a little shallower.

3. The size of the hole must not be too large, which will easily cause the door to be too loose, which will affect the closing and opening of the door and window, thereby affecting the service life. When hitting screws, do not hit the wrong way, so as not to affect the use of doors and windows.

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Elina Brooks on

Thank you for the tip when you told us not to go for aluminum door hinges that have holes that are too large since this size can easily cause the door to become loose. I’m getting a new front door soon since our old one keeps getting stuck whenever we open it. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind once I find a contractor to call regarding aluminum doors and hardware soon.

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