How to Install a Damping Hinge

How to Install a Damping Hinge

How to Install a Damping Hinge

The damping hinge is the connection between the door frame and the cabinet door. Without this accessory, the furniture door will not turn or be difficult to use. In fact, it is not difficult to install the block. We can conquer them with skill. At the same time, we cannot underestimate this accessory. If you are interested in installing a damper hinge, you better know how to install a damper hinge.

Damping hinge installation method:

1. Determine the margin

When installing hinges, the minimum margin between cabinets or doors should be determined first. When installing hinges on the cabinet door, it is necessary to calculate the gap between the cabinet door and the minimum door. If it is not calculated, it is easy to collide with the cabinet door, which will directly affect the beauty of the cabinet and is not practical.

2. Number of hinges

After determining the distance between the installed door panels and hinges, according to the number of hinges selected for the cabinet door, the number of installed hinges mainly depends on the height of the installed door panels, the height of these door panels is generally 1 500mm, and the weight is generally 9-12_mm. Three hinges should be chosen.

3. link install

When installing door chains, the method of installation is also important. According to the position of the door edge and side panel, the door can be divided into three installation methods: full cover door, half cover door and inlaid door. Full overlay doors generally cover the side panels, while half overlay doors cover half of the side panels. Especially suitable for cabinets with partitions in the middle. Requires more than three doors to be installed, with inlaid doors installed in the two side panels.

4. Gate connection

(1) When installing the gate connector, first measure the position of the wellhead or a woodworking pencil. The edge of the wellbore is generally about 5mm, and then use a pistol drill or a woodworking hole opener. (2) Open a hole of about 35mm on the top of the door panel, and the drilling depth is generally about 12mm, then fix the hinge cup in the hinge cup hole of the door hinge sleeve plate, and fix the hinge cup with self-tapping screws.


5. test

(1) After inserting the door hinges into the cup hole of the door panel, open the hinge, insert and calibrate the side panel, fix the base with self-tapping screws, and test the effect of opening the door after installation. (2) The general door hinge can be adjusted in six directions to make it suitable for the upper and lower doors and the left and right doors. Generally, the closing distance during installation is generally about 2mm.
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Installation Precautions

  • Before installing, first observe whether the various parts of the hinge need to be connected to each other consistently. If it doesn't fit, replace it as soon as possible.
  • When checking the length and width of the hinge and connection, if you share a side panel, the total spacing should be the two minimum spacing, this should be remembered.
  • If the covering distance of the stationary machinery is correspondingly reduced, a flexible hinge of the articulated arm is required.
  • When connecting, it is necessary to check whether the hinge matches the connecting bolts and fasteners. Each hinge has a maximum size available, which is selected according to different types of conveyors.
  • When installing the hinge, it should be ensured that the hinge and the fixed object are on the same vertical line, so as to avoid the misalignment of the mechanical object or the wear of the conveyor due to unstable fixing.

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