How to Design a Good Shower Room

How to Design a Good Shower Room

How to Design a Good Shower Room

1. Height of top spray, hand spray and faucet

Under normal circumstances, the height of the faucet from the ground is about 900~1100mm (the height is waist-level); at the same time, the position of the shower should be aligned with the plane wall as much as possible.
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2. Floor drain location

The location of the floor drain should be close to the shower, and the location should be either in the center of the wall or the two corner areas. The purpose is to facilitate the overall ground to find the slope. The slope should be ≥1%. Set up a drainage groove, and the drainage groove should be ≥10mm below the floor of the shower room.

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For decorative effect, in hotels, clubs, high-end villas and other occasions, strip floor drains or dark floor drains are often used.

When locating the floor drain, it is necessary to do the ground layout in advance, lay out the line on the spot, and set it as close as possible to the sewer pipe. The diameter of the floor drain and the drain pipe shall meet the drainage flow requirements, and the drain pipe shall be provided with a water trap.


3. Anti-skid treatment

The floor of the shower room should be treated with anti-slip, and smooth finish materials should not be used. Taking stone finish as an example, the surface should be treated with pickling or fire.

It is not recommended to use stone with 5*5 or 10*10 grooves on the surface, because the corners of the grooves are very sharp, and it is easy to cut the toes.

4. Glass door installation requirements

The shower room should use a glass door. The glass door should be equipped with a magnetic seal and a large handle. The shower door should open outward. At the same time, the glass should be tempered glass with a thickness of ≥5mm.

If the glass door of the shower room is closed to the top, it is recommended to set up an exhaust device in the ceiling to increase air circulation.

There are two common ways of fixing the glass door of the bathroom: the door is not leaned to the side, and it is fixed with the fixed glass door leaf through the hinge; the door is against the wall and is fixed with the wall through the hinge.

When the hinge is fixed on the glass, the glass is clamped by both sides of the hinge, which is relatively stable; if the hinge is fixed to the stone, it is necessary to select whether it is necessary to reserve embedded parts on the stone according to the weight and specifications of the glass door Hinges, and the shower door similar to this space, because of its low self-weight, can directly fix the hinge and the stone through 35mm self-tapping screws, and the stone can be stressed.

5. Storage design

When planning the functional space of the shower room, it should be considered whether to make a niche on the wall or add a corner basket on the finish to place toiletries. Some hotels will set the lanyard for drying clothes in the shower room, and these functions also need to be considered by designers.



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