How To Choose The Anti-theft Door Knobs

How To Choose The Anti-theft Door Knobs

How To Choose The Anti-theft Door Knobs

Pay attention to the material, the material of the anti-theft door handle is generally iron, copper, steel, etc.; choose the opening and closing direction of the anti-theft door, there are generally two options: left opening and right opening; it is best to go to a regular large-scale home building materials city to buy branded products; Check whether the special anti-theft lock that has been tested by the public security department is adopted. The purchase method is as follows:

1. Material selection

The handle of the anti-theft door is generally made of iron, copper, steel and other metal materials through physical technical means such as forging. It is not only the core part of the entire anti-theft door, but also a small decorative part of the anti-theft door.

2. Switch direction

The selection of the anti-theft door handle must be in accordance with the opening and closing direction of the anti-theft door. If a person is standing outside the door, the one with the hinge on the left is the one that opens left. On the other hand, if the hinge is on the right, the one that opens on the right should be selected. Pushing the door opens inwards, and pulling the door opens outwards. The general anti-theft door lock body has two options of left opening and right opening.

3. Brand Assurance

When buying anti-theft door handles on the market, it is recommended to go to a regular large-scale home building materials city to buy. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the signs, company names, and implementation standards of the anti-theft door. Only doors that meet the standards can ensure the safety of your family.

4. Lock inspection

Qualified anti-theft doors generally use special anti-theft locks that have been tested by the public security department, and at the same time, there should be a steel plate with a thickness of more than 3.0 mm for protection at the lock. Nowadays, many special anti-theft locks are multi-directional locks. Not only the door lock is locked, but also the upper and lower cross bars can be inserted and locked to fix the door, which greatly increases the anti-piracy performance of the door.

Last, when you decorating your home,you can match the door hinges with the door handles,lock and cabinet hinges to match the furniture main color.Your personalized decoration can make your family spend a good time at home.

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