How To Choose Door And Window Hardware

How To Choose Door And Window Hardware

How To Choose Door And Window Hardware

Hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows, and play a very important role! The cost of hardware is not too small in a door and window. The cost of good door and window hardware accounts for 15%-30% of the total cost of doors and windows. So hardware is also very important for doors and windows.


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Quality of doors and windows

The quality of door and window hardware will affect the service life.

In fact, the important reason for determining the service life of doors and windows is not only the profiles used, but also the door and window hardware itself. Any doors and windows have a certain service life; the longer they are used, such as wind and rain, sun and rain, daily opening and closing losses, etc. The wear and aging of doors and windows will be more serious.

The impact of door and window hardware parts on the service life of doors and windows is that when the hardware parts that support the normal operation of doors and windows are damaged, broken, rusted, aging, etc. due to improper use or long-term use, the actual function of doors and windows will be greatly weakened. Security risks also follow. At this time, we need to repair or replace.


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Effect on performance of doors:

Door and window hardware accessories are directly linked to the performance of doors and windows.
The comprehensive performance of doors and windows is closely related to the structural type of doors and windows. The load-bearing accessories of casement windows include hinges, hinges (sliding bearings), etc. It is used to ensure the normal opening of the casement window.


  • Stability 

  • Pressure Resistance

 Better quality of hardware will help casement window to be stably not falling off during daily opening or strong windy weather, and improve the wind pressure resistance and stability of the entire window.


Locks of doors and windows mainly include lock points, locks, actuators, corners, etc. With the sealing system of doors and windows, the use of these hardware will have an important impact on the overall performance of doors and windows: anti-theft, sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc. In addition, door and window handles and linkages can also achieve various opening functions by changing the position of the handle.

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