How To Choose Countertops And Hardware For Cabinets

How To Choose Countertops And Hardware For Cabinets

How To Choose Countertops And Hardware For Cabinets

Problems such as mold, insects, moisture, and difficult cleaning in kitchen cabinets are all related to the poor selection of countertops, cabinets, cabinet doors and hardware. Easy-to-use cabinets, the cabinet countertops are easy to clean, and there will be no cracks; the cabinet body is not easy to deform, moisture-proof and has no peculiar smell; the cabinet door is convenient to open and close, and the appearance is high; the hardware improves the service life of the cabinet, and the storage function is powerful.

Therefore, today I will teach you how to buy a satisfactory cabinet from 4 aspects.
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1. Cabinet countertops

The most popular materials for cabinet countertops are quartz stone, marble, and stainless steel.

Quartz stone is easy to take care of, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, penetration resistance, and cost-effective. Stainless steel countertops are environmentally friendly, waterproof, fireproof, and the countertop material with the highest safety factor. Marble countertops are a kind of natural stone with high appearance, but the length of marble countertops is relatively short, and long-distance countertops need to be spliced ​​together without obvious gaps, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics. Be sure to look for big brands. At present, the most common material for kitchen cabinet countertops is quartz stone, which is more oil-resistant than marble and more wear-resistant than stainless steel.

In addition to these three materials, there are also solid wood countertops, fireproof board countertops, and tempered glass countertops on the market; the first two have poor waterproof effects, and the latter has the risk of self-explosion. Considering the durability and safety factor, it is not recommended to choose.
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From the perspective of cost performance and appearance, the order of selection of cabinet countertop materials is: quartz stone>marble>stainless steel>solid wood countertop>fireproof board countertop>tempered glass countertop

2, Cabinet body

Common cabinet materials are: solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board, stainless steel, quartz stone, solid wood, granite.

Solid wood particle board is also called particle board, which is not easy to deform and has good bearing capacity. However, there are few styles to choose from. If you choose this kind of cabinet, you can add moisture-proof particles to the cabinet to improve the moisture-proof performance of the cabinet. Compared with solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board has a higher environmental protection level and can reach the European E1 environmental protection standard. The cabinet is not easy to deform, has strong nail grip, and is moisture-proof. If you choose stainless steel as the cabinet, you don't have to worry about fire, humidity, and difficulty cleaning; however, its appearance is only suitable for the decoration style of metal style.
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How about solid wood cabinets? It is resistant to high temperature, has various shapes and colors, and is environmentally friendly, but it is expensive. The material of granite is very cheap, except that it looks a little ugly and the nail grip is not strong. If the renovation budget is not high, you can choose it. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, fireproof, insect-proof, no cracking, and zero formaldehyde; its appearance technology includes marble grain, wood grain, cloth grain, imitation metal, anti-coating, and many colors and patterns, showing the effect. Not bad. The disadvantage is that it is easy to leave scratches.

From the perspective of use, cost performance and appearance, the selection order of the cabinet should be as follows: aluminum alloy > solid wood particle board > solid wood multi-layer board > solid wood multi-layer board > solid wood cabinet > stainless steel > granite

3. Cabinet doors

The cabinet door opens and closes every day, and the quality determines the service life. Solid wood cabinets are environmentally friendly and durable, but the price is high and the maintenance cost is high. Painted doors are much more cost-effective and have various colors, which are easy to clean, but you might as well scrape them. Wood-based panels like melamine door panels are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, high-temperature resistant, and economical. The problem is that the edge seals are easy to crack.
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There are also blister door panels to choose from, which are not easy to deform, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have various colors. The last one is the crystal steel door, which is resistant to high temperature and water, and is easy to clean. But it looks cheap.

From the perspective of use and price, the selection order of cabinet doors is as follows: plastic door panel > melamine door panel > solid wood door panel > painted door panel > crystal steel door

4, cabinet hardware

After talking about the cabinet door, it is necessary to look at the cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware mainly includes hinges, slide rails, pull baskets, handles, etc. Their quality is considered from the convenience of opening and closing, noise reduction, opening and closing times, and supporting weight.
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There are many hinge selection switches, ranging from 20,000 times to 1 million times, and the number of each brand is different. The slide rail is more recommended to be classified as damping. When choosing, look at the steel and pressure device. With pressure device, the switch is silent. As long as the pull basket is the right size, has a strong bearing capacity and is easy to drain. Finally, look at the handle, choose the handle made of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It is more suitable for cabinet handles that are frequently switched on and off.

Cabinet hardware is a must-have standard accessory for cabinets; in addition to the pull basket, the choice of other accessories determines the service life and maintenance times of the cabinet. Therefore, cabinet hardware must not be bought cheap in order to save money.

Are the cabinets good? Do you know which aspects to look at? Yes, it mainly depends on the countertop, cabinet body, cabinet door and hardware; you can't just buy cabinets based on their appearance, after all, cabinets are for use, not decoration.

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