Don't Leave Safety Hazards In These 5 Places When Decorating

Don't Leave Safety Hazards In These 5 Places When Decorating

Don't Leave Safety Hazards In These 5 Places When Decorating

Regardless of whether there are children at home, you must be careful when decorating. Don't be careless, maybe even a small corner may bring hidden dangers.

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Therefore, pay special attention when decorating these places!

Sharp Corner Furniture

This is the place where most of the renovations are being done at the moment. Usually, children like to play around at home, but some furniture corners are quite sharp, and children can easily bump into them with a single stride, causing unnecessary injuries.

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Therefore, when purchasing or customizing furniture, try to avoid right-angled and sharp shapes. For example, custom cabinets can be curved at the corners, and the protruding walls can be wrapped with corner guards, even if they hit How painful.

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Chest of Drawers

Don't think that if you buy a finished cabinet, you don't have to think about anything. Usually these heights are generally above 60cm. If the child is not stable, and the child picks up the drawer with his hands, it will not be easy to hit people, so you must really pay attention, otherwise Too dangerous!


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So the next time you renovate, be sure to fix it firmly to the wall to reduce the risk of tilting or collapsing.

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Item Placement

Open is a cabinet or a shelf. It has been more popular in the past two years. If it is used to store books, it will form a small office area, making the home full of book fragrance! In addition, green plants or toys can be placed on it, which is highly decorative. But if it hits, things are scattered all over the place, and the child himself is easily injured.

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Best Practices

  • Do not use shelf as a flower stand or bookcase otherwise it will be difficult to ensure its stability. If you really like it, then buy a larger and more stable independent flower stand, and place the items as low as possible.

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Open Window

How many times have I said that the windows can be closed as long as they can be closed. In addition to better ventilation, I can't think of any other advantages to make them open, and the same is true for balconies. As far as safety is concerned, it does not meet the standard, especially for those who live in high-rise buildings.

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It is really worrying to have children at home. Unless there are family members who are inseparable, it is really too dangerous. After all, there have been news of children falling from high altitudes in recent years, even if there are security windows. guard against.

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In view of the hidden safety hazards in windows or balconies, it is recommended to add a layer of screen anti-theft net to the guardrail at the same time. I don’t believe that the two layers of protection are not in place!

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Door hinges are too loose

This is probably the most easily overlooked point. Take me as a child. Because I was too mischievous, I deliberately played with the door hinges, and I was caught, and the scars on my hands have been slow for a few years. fade away slowly.

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If you want to avoid it, in addition to adding a buffer device behind the door, you should also install a buffer damper or sponge on the cabinet door and bedroom door to prevent your baby's fingers from being caught.

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Parents with children must pay attention to it, don't wait for it to happen and regret it!

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