Best Door Hinge Manufacturer in the United States

Best Door Hinge Manufacturer in the United States

Best Door Hinge Manufacturer in the United States

Do you ever have a midnight craving and aspire to reach the kitchen without making any noise? But the doors make squeaky voices that may disrupt your house environment. Door hinges play a vital role in enhancing your interiors, allowing your doors to work without sagging and ensuring protection from intruders. With a high-quality hinges manufacturer, you can carry out your midnight kitchen visits without waking anyone up and sleep peacefully after closing your doors without any worries.

In today’s market, there is a wide range of hinge suppliers that can design, engineer, and manufacture cabinet and door hinges to your specifications. The variety of options may seem overwhelming to you, so we have compiled a comprehensive list of hinge manufacturers and suppliers. In this guide, we are here to cover the best door hinge manufacturers in the United States to help you make your choice.



Our Top Picks for the Best Hinge Hardware Suppliers

If you’re looking up the best hinges supplier near me in the USA on Google frequently, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the highly recommended cabinet hinge suppliers in this buying guide.

1- TDC Hinges 3.5" x 3.5 Inch 5/8" Radius Rounded Matte Black Door Hinges

TDC Hinges has been providing customers with the best-quality hinges possible and offers a wide range of essential features in hinges’ construction, durability, and service. Their matte black door hinges are specifically manufactured to align your doors, hold them in place, and ensure that the hinges operate smoothly. They are constructed with high-quality, solid, and thick iron with a coat finish of matte, hence adding aesthetic value to the interiors of your house.

Essential features

  • TDC’s matte black door hinges are highly rust-resistant and are built to last.
  • Their package includes matching screws and each hinge comes with a long screw. With the pack of 3, there are 18 screws attached. A pack of 30 includes 180 screws, a pack of 48 comes with 288 screws and lastly, a pack of 108 contains 648 screws.
  • They also provide additional features such as Removable Riveted Pin to add further convenience for door hinge installation.

3.5" x 3.5 Inch 5/8" Radius Rounded Matte Black Door Hinges

2- TDC Hinges 3-1/2-in Square Radius Corners Satin Nickel Residential Door Hinges

TDC Hinges’ silver door hinges have all the essential qualities to transform your interiors and enhance your house environment by a large margin. TDC is one of the most high-quality door hinge suppliers due to its high functionality, durability, and reliability. These silver residential door hinges are ideally suitable for various portals in your house such as drawers, dressers, wardrobes, showers, bathrooms, and living room doors.

Essential Features

  • TDC Hinges’ iron-made door hinges are machined and designed to co-exist with any decoration style in your house.
  • Their smooth-closing door hinges are manufactured to cater to your specifications and complement a wide variety of residential and commercial doors.
  • These silver door hinges provide an aesthetic appeal to your decor style and are ideal for contemporary, modern, antique, and vintage styles.

3.5 Inch Square Radius Interior Door Hinges Brushed /Satin Nickel Hinges

3- TDC Hinges 4" x 4" Ball-Bearing 5/8 Radius Satin Brass Full Mortise Exterior Door Hinges

When it comes to hinge manufacturing companies, one of the most integral and crucial components is durability. With high anti-rust properties, TDC Hinges’ satin brass door hinges are the complete package. The hinges are constructed with iron and each outdoor gold butt hinge comes with a long screw. If you are searching for the best hinges, TDC satin brass offers the ultimate solution for you.

Essential Features

  • These satin brass hinges can enhance the aesthetic value of your house and add a luxurious feel to your home settings.
  • Their package also includes matching screws. With the pack of 3, there are 24 screws included while the pack of 12 contains 96 screws and the pack of 18 has 144 screws. 

4" x 4" Ball-Bearing 5/8 Radius Satin Brass Full Mortise Exterior Door Hinges

4- TDC Hinges 3.5 Inch Residential White Matte Door Hinges with 5/8 Inch Round Corners

Made of high-quality iron content, TDC Hinges’ white matter door hinges are ideal for people who are looking for firm and durable cabinet door hinge manufacturers. With high-quality construction hinges, they are manufactured to ensure the opening and closing of the doors in the smoothest way possible. Not only do these full mortise hinges have a very smooth function and stand up to the elements, but they are also highly rust-resistant and suitable for all your rooms, portals, and interiors.

Essential Features

  • TDC door hinges are constructed with thick iron and coat finishing of matte white, adding an aesthetic appeal to your interior settings.
  • They also include matching screws such as 18 screws with the pack of and 36 screws with the pack of 6.
  • The hinges are highly diverse and ideally suitable for a wide range of portals such as drawer, dresser, wardrobe, shower, bathroom, bedroom, and living room doors.

3.5 Inch Residential White Matte Door Hinges with 5/8 Inch Round Corners

Final Words

In a nutshell, there are a number of kitchen cabinet hinges suppliers in the market but TDC Hinges stands out from the crowd due to their high-quality and trustworthy services. Though door hinges may seem like a minor enhancement to your household, your interiors must be upgraded from time to time to improve your quality of life.

TDC Hinges’ customer-focused engineering team has designed, and manufactured hinges with precision, strength, and durability to make your doors look like a million bucks.

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