An Excellent Bathroom Vanities To Keep Your Home Bathroom Clean And Comfortable

An Excellent Bathroom Vanities To Keep Your Home Bathroom Clean And Comfortable

When it comes to bathrooms, everyone thinks of comfortable bathtubs and increasingly high-tech toilets, but often overlooks the washbasin that takes into account the beauty and practicality of the bathroom.

An excellent washbasin can keep the bathroom clean and comfortable at home. Let's talk about the design of the washbasin, hoping to bring you decoration inspiration.
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The traditional floor-standing washbasin not only looks bulky, because it is in a humid environment all the year round, the bottom will be corroded for a long time, and the wall-mounted washbasin can perfectly solve this problem.

The suspended design at the bottom not only shows high appearance and lightness, but also because there is no sanitary dead corner, it is very convenient for daily cleaning, and the whole can be said to be very beautiful and fashionable.

It should be noted that before installing the wall-mounted washbasin, drainage treatment must be done to avoid troublesome later maintenance; and the wall row should be selected to hide the drainage pipe in the wall, so as not to affect the aesthetics.

When choosing a basin, it is usually divided into an over-counter basin and an under-counter basin. The over-counter basin is beautiful but difficult to clean, which is suitable for more diligent people. Although the under-counter basin is not good enough in appearance, it is better than the standard and easy to clean.


If there is no wall row in the bathroom at home, but you don’t want to install a bulky floor-standing washbasin, you can also choose an improved floor-standing style. This design is also welcomed by many young people.

Compared with the traditional floor type, its bottom is usually supported by a thin foot design, and the bottom is left empty to increase the sense of lightness.

And there is no mandatory regulation on the drainage method, whether it is a floor row or a wall row, it is more versatile than the wall-mounted washbasin.

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Of course, if you choose a washbasin with this design, the dry and wet separation in the bathroom must be done well, so as to prevent the cabinet legs from being corroded by water and shorten the service life.

To sum up, different washbasin designs have different advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should choose according to their own needs, and use the design to improve the appearance and practicability of the bathroom.

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