13 Types of Cabinet Hinges Explained

13 Types of Cabinet Hinges Explained

13 Types of Cabinet Hinges Explained

We classify things to understand them better. Just like that, there is a distinct classification of cabinet door hinges depending on their function, features, and finish. 

The kitchen is absolutely the heart and soul of your home. This means without a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, and your house will always feel a little incomplete. 

Home remodeling can be stressful, but properly considering all aspects of the remodeling process can be one of the most gratifying projects you will undertake in 2023. One aspect to consider is what type of kitchen door hinges you are looking for. 

Let’s learn about the major cabinet hinges style available in the market. 

Different Types of Cabinet Hinges 

1 - Barrel Hinges 

If your cabinets are made up of pure wood, and you need no metallic framework to be seen and want to keep it highly esthetic, barrel hinges are good to go.  These hinges stay hidden and give a premium exterior look. If you’re after achieving a hinge-free look for your kitchen cabinets or cabinets anywhere in the home, barrel hinges are perfect in this aspect. 

2 - Pivot Hinges 

People confuse pivot hinges with regular butt hinges, but they aren’t the same. Pivot hinges are mortised against the top and bottom of the door, unlike the butt hinges that are attached to the side of the door and the frame. These hinges are best for inset doors that seek invisible hinge placement. 

3 - Strap Hinges 

Unlike the top two choices, this one is fitted outside the cabinet doors. Strap hinges can be long or short, depending on your requirements. These have a sleek look and are very versatile in their action. 

4 - Butt Hinges

A hinge with identical leaves is called a butt hinge.  This hinge type spreads on two sides that connect to the joint, which allows mobility of the doors. One of the sides gets attached to the door, and the other to the frame. These hinges provide limited movement of the door and allow rotation at the knuckle, which is a point that joins two leaves. 

5 - Inset Hinges 

Inset cabinets are making a comeback and bringing back the classic style of old kitchens. They’re a great choice for anyone looking to give their kitchen a more vintage feel, but they do require a higher level of craftsmanship. These hinges come with a narrow and broader side. The narrow part is visible from the cabinet outside, and these are usually associated with an ornamental piece.

6 - Half Overlay Hinges 

Half overlay door has a rabbet around its perimeter, such that half of its thickness rest on top of the face frame and half sits within the opening. A recessed door sits entirely within the opening, typically using butt hinges (old style) or full recess hinges.

7 - Full Overlay Hinges 

The overlay refers to the door itself and how it fits over, into, or half into the face frame of the cabinet. A full overlay door does not fit into the opening; rather, on top of the face frame. 

8 - Flush Hinges

A flush hinge is a type of butt hinge with two-leaf plates. One goes inside the cutout while the other gets on the mounting plate. So, one mortise suffices when placing flush hinges. These hinges are very functional and are considered to be a space-saving option. 

9 - Offset Hinges 

The doors that protrude out of the frame are called offset hinges. These are unlike the onset hinges, and they come in a lot of different styles and features.  Selecting an offset hinge to boost the style of your kitchen is what is achieved in the end. 

10 - Invisible Hinge 

If you’re looking for smaller door hinges that conveniently fit on metal doors, invisible door hinges can be your go-to option. Such hinges are called invisible because they’re not seen when the cabinet doors are opened. 

Classification of Door Hinges Based on Their Features

1- Heavy Duty Hinges 

For oversized cabinet doors, heavy-duty hinges are mainly used. Though these hinges are not a common option in residential spaces, they’re used in commercial spaces with higher requirements. Pivot and barrel hinges come under the category of heavy-duty hinges. 

2 - Soft-Close Hinges 

Contemporary cabinet hinges in homes are usually soft-close hinges. They operate on a mechanism different from that of regular hinges. Soft closing hinges are majorly a part of frameless cabinets. These cabinets have straight sides, top, and bottom. These are attached using a mortised cup and screws. 

 3 - Self-Close Hinges 

These hinges close themselves. There is an internal spring in the barrel of the hinge. That gets wound after it's installed. That keeps tension on the hinge to close the door.

Classification of Cabinet Hinges Based on The Finishes

Now match the hinge finishes with the overall cabinets’ look for a seamless appearance. Here are a few options available: 

  • Chrome
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Black
  • White


A lot of cabinet hinge options are available in the market. Opting for the right one is critical to the overall look of the house and functionality. TDC Hinges is superior in this aspect and helps customers find the right type of cabinet and door hinges to make their lives easier. We are here to help you out every step of the way. 

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