8 Points For Purchasing Wooden Doors

8 Points For Purchasing Wooden Doors

8 Points For Purchasing Wooden Doors

Common types of doors

Common types of doors include log doors, solid wood composite doors and ecological paintless doors.

Raw wood door material: the surface is the same, the wood texture is clear and natural, and the natural modeling effect is good, but as we all know, all solid wood is easier to crack, requires high craftsmanship, and the price is relatively high.

Wood door material
Solid wood composite door: The door core is mostly made of pine and fir, and the surface is pasted with MDF or solid wood veneer, which is anti-deformation and cost-effective.

Solid wood composite door
Ecological paint-free door: The biggest advantage is that it can be matched with the whole house custom furniture. The paint-free process is simple, low cost and environmentally friendly. Style innovation is also fast.

Ecological paintless door

Three kinds of door filling structures

  1. The mechanical structure of the bridge hole is characterized by good sound insulation. Strong and stable, light weight.
  2. Spacing between wooden rooms: It is characterized by a small amount of glue and high cost performance; the cost is not high, which is lower than that of the bridge hole mechanical board.
  3. The wooden square is completely filled: the door is thick and strong, but the quality is too heavy and it is easy to sink. The price is also slightly higher

How to choose the door lock?

It is recommended that the door lock be magnetically attracted, and the lock tongue will automatically be sucked back when it is opened. If you have children, this is the first choice. It can avoid bumping against children and does not scratch clothes.

choose a door lock

The Mute System

It is recommended to use a 45-degree magnetic suction strip, which has good sound insulation and shock absorption, but the budget is several hundred more. If you choose ordinary sealing strips, you should also choose anti-aging ones to prevent them from hardening in winter and poor sound insulation.

How to choose the door hinge?

The mainstream use of 3mm stainless steel hinges, must be equipped with three hinges, the bearing capacity is more stable, and the wooden door will not be deformed. If the hinge needs to bear the weight well, use the casement hinge, after all, the bearing capacity of the mother-child hinge is worse.


It is recommended to use aluminum-magnesium doors for the purchase of bathroom doors, especially for small units. Do not choose wood doors. Even if you do dry and wet separation, don’t be too careless, otherwise cracking in the later stage is inevitable.


To prevent the addition of items

Ask clearly in advance, how to charge for ultra-high, ultra-wide and ultra-thick, and confirm in advance which supporting products are delivered and which need to be purchased, such as hinges, door covers, edge wrapping lines, door locks, door suctions, floor rails, roller skating, installation fees , upstairs fee, etc.

Environmental issues

Environmental issues
The last point is also a point that is easily overlooked by everyone. Environmental protection will be considered when customizing the selection of panels for the whole house. The same is true when we choose wooden doors.

First of all, if you smell the door at close range, whether there is a pungent smell, dry eyes, watery eyes, or sneezing, it may indicate that the wooden door has high formaldehyde content.

When purchasing a wooden door, you also need to pay attention to check whether the wooden door has the quality certificate of national banmu, environmental labeling product certification and other certificates.

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