6 Environmental Protection Problems in Interior Decoration

6 Environmental Protection Problems in Interior Decoration

6 Environmental Protection Problems in Interior Decoration

In terms of decoration, floors, paints, cabinets... these are all sources of pollution, and they are also where most of the home decoration spends a lot of money, which leads to these aspects that make customers extra careful when purchasing these materials.

For ordinary people, when it comes to decoration, they think of formaldehyde pollution. In fact, other pollution is everywhere. Here are a few details to pay attention to.

Interior Decoration

Glass glue anti-mildew

Glass glue is the most inconspicuous thing in the decoration process, mainly used in cabinets, sanitary ware, and other seamed repairs. If you use glass glue of poor quality, it will turn black and yellow after a period of time. It is recommended to purchase mildew-proof products for the glass glue during the renovation.

Light source design

In the living room, the concept of main light source and auxiliary light source should be considered before the installation of lamps. The main light source refers to the lighting of a certain local space, such as reading lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers on the dining table, spotlights for wall decoration lighting, etc. The auxiliary light source is the headlight in almost the center of each room. Many people do not have this concept when decorating and decorating their homes.

Strength of caulking agent

When decorating, we generally use white cement powder to fill the joints, but its adhesion and waterproofness are poor. After dehydration or cold shrinkage and thermal expansion, cracks will appear, resulting in water seepage of the floor tiles. In addition, white cement has poor adhesion fastness. Not as good as caulk with hardness, and less resistant to discoloration than caulk. It is recommended that consumers use caulking agents when decorating.

Floor drain rules

The drainage of the floor drain should be lower than the ground, which is often overlooked and not easy to transform. Therefore, be sure to remind the decoration workers that the drainage of the floor drain must be lower than the ground, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "water flooding Jinshan" after every bath.

Baseboard quality

In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, skirting occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of home beauty. It is the outline of the ground at home, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally. Baseboards with beautiful shapes and exquisite workmanship can often play the role of finishing touch and add a lot of color to your home. However, skirting is also often despised. I have seen some renovated houses. I can't see anything wrong with the design and construction, but I just feel that the overall effect is not very good. 

Wall cabinet installation process

Embedded wardrobes or other cabinets embedded in the wall have many advantages, not only increasing the space inside the cabinet (can stand upright), but also making the cabinet simple and generous. It should be noted that the floor on which the cabinet is placed and the wall on the side of the cabinet must be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, when installing the cabinets, it will be difficult to deal with the gaps, barely filling the gaps, the vision will be distorted, appear very rough, the craftsmanship is not fine, the effect will be greatly reduced, a set of expensive wall cabinets will be affected by these small details Ruined.

Also, when you decorating your home,you can match the door hinges with the door handles,lock and cabinet hinges to match the furniture main color.Your personalized decoration can make your family spend a good time at home.

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